Sunday 31 July 2011

13 weeks plus!

Well Harrison and Anastasia are 13 weeks and Oliver is 10 weeks old! Time has really flown and they are all growing and changing so much.... Harrison looks like a little boy now and Oliver is gorgeous with lovely cubby cheeks. Anastasia has a most delightful smile and loves to coo and laugh at us! They were all weighed last Friday with Harrison been 4.7, Anastastia been 4.5 and Oliver coming up rapidly at 4.3 kilos. All of them have more than doubled their birth weight and are getting so long as well... we are moving from 000 to 00 in some outfits!
We have had a very busy 6 weeks since we arrived back in Australia.... settling into a new house and then a road trip of 1000 kilometers to attend a wedding.... and spend a week with Justin's parents who had a great time bonding with our trio. It was love at first sight by their grandad as this was the first them he had seen them apart from skype. It was a wonderful week with everyone spoiling our three and paying them heaps of attention... and they dressed up beautifully for the wedding. When I can I will post the photos but for now here are our 3 just kicking back on the playgym.

Exhausted but very happy mummy... will try and post more photos soon :)