Saturday 28 May 2011

Finally our triplets are together!

Yep it has finally happened... we got Oliver out of hospital and he joins Harrison and Anastasia at our temporary home away from home! What a wonderful feeling to have them all together and not having to split time between the unit and the hospital.

We are very fortunate that the babies seem to be extremely content and we very rarely have any real crying sessions at all. They are spending more awake time and really seem to be focusing on us ... even Oliver who is 22 days younger than the other two.
We are now in the process of trying to get our paperwork thru and sorted as soon as possible... Oliver had his DNA yesterday so hope to have all passports and citezenship papers by end of next week. So that will just leave the exit visa and the FRRO... hopefully that can be done prior to our planned departure date of 10th June.... that will be 6 weeks I have been here!
All the babies seem to have a really happy nature with Harrison been Mr Chillout! So relaxed about food! Anastasia seems to be in a hurry but happy when you pay her attention... after all she is a little princess! And Oliver has yet to let us know but I feel that he is one determine little fellow... and he has the biggest feet I have seen!
Oliver, Anastasia and Harrison

More photos will follow I promise.... I known that i check the blogs to see the little miracles and delight and watching the changes.

Paula, Justin, Harrison, Anastasia and Oliver

Saturday 21 May 2011

Introducing Oliver Keenan Simpson

We are so pleased to introduce our son Oliver Keenan Simpson who was born on 20th May at 8.28am. He weighed in at 2.33 kilos and we hope he is allowed out of hospital to join his big brother and sister in the next few days. Our family is now complete and with
  1. Damien
  2. Gabrielle,
  3. Harrison,
  4. Anastasia, and
  5. Oliver!
they all make us very happy and proud to be parents.

Our Boy Oliver.

Can't wait to get this plastic box off!
Also we have now got everyone over here... my mum arrived on the 10th and Justin came in early morning on the 19th and my sister joined us this morning... so lots of adults to share the work load around... yay! I should be able to sit back and just admire our

More photos will be upcoming now that we have got the blog working again. For some reason it wouldn't allow me to add any new posts for the last 10 days so that is why there have been mno entries... Justin has sorted out the issue and now we will definitely be boring everyone with heaps of baby photos.
Anastasia and Harrison chilling together.
So until the next post cheers from Harrison, Anastasia and Oliver and also Paula and Justin(two very happy parents)

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Update now Mummy has a working camera again!

Well I know that mostly everyone wants to see photos so there was no real point in blogging after my camera stopped working a few days ago.... so now that Mum has arrived we have taken some shots and will post them up. The days(and nights!) have been filled with feeding, bathing, burping and bedding in which ever order seems to work.... no actually they are very relaxed babies and settled into a basic routine very quickly which is lucky for me. Our only hiccup is that Harrison has been a bit slow about putting on the weight and so had to increase the amount of feeds to 2-3 hourly to see if we can get his weight up by next checkup which is tomorrow. So we have been pushing and monitoring him more though using both expressed milk and formula with some vitamin drops.... hopefully it has paid off and tomorrow he will prove that he is gaining weight and we can really settle into a good routine.

So here are some shots to show how much they have grown in such a short time!
Bath time for Harrison

Relaxing in the tub .. Ananstasia

Mummy feeding us both at the same time!

Now for the

Friday 6 May 2011

Together again and now out of hospital!!!

Finally have time to write.... as our two precious babies sleep beside me before there next feed in a  few hours time.
The last three days have been  hectic with a rollercoaster of emotions.. elation and then dismay ranging so closely together is exhausting. I was told all was going well and the infections had almost gone from both Harrison and Anastasia so that meant that they could be released soon...yay! Then after a few hours I was called to speak to th edoctor... he was concerned about the weight gain of Harrison and also abit about Anastasia.... they appeared to be dropping more weight than they should be. As I am attempting breast feeding this was a real blow.... Thinking that he was going to say that they had to go on bottles I was distressed majorily! But no he could see me getting worked up and suggested upping their feeds to 2 hourly to see if there was an improvement and to express and bottle feed them the EBM after each feed. Whew ... tears averted(well sorta) for the moment. S the last two days I have spent most of the day sitting in the waiting room either feeding one of the babies or expressing milk... There has been an up side to this as I have gotten to meet a lot of the wonderful IP's who are on this same journey as they pick up their new born babies. Obviously I must look like I know what I am doing(cause I spent so long there!) as I got asked a few questions by some new IP's ..... I should start charging coffee fees next
Anyway today I arrived knowing that it was dependent upon the weights and also final clearance on bloods taken to see that all infection had cleared up ... and yes positive to both.... one very happy mummy!
Off I dashed to pay the final bill and get the carry bassinets with going home clothes and wraps and at exactly 1200 we broke lose out of the hospital... best feeling ever!
So back to our apartment and then straight into a feed ..... both hungry andthen settled for a nap while mummy sorted herself out. Unfortunately my camera died so have only got the mobile phones to take photos so didn't get any shots of us leaving hospital... but the best bit was to come.
Later in the afternoon Justin's parents were on skype and they got to see Harrison up close and personal... he was really giving them the look! It was wondeful to share this moment and you could hear the joy in their voices as they saw their first grandchild for the 1st time. They also saw Anastasia but as she was asleep we let her be.

Hello there....Back together again for first time since birth!
The next part is even better... Justin and my folks came online as Anastasia was been fed and you should have seen the biggest,goofy grin on her Daddy's face.... Justin is lost! He is totally fallen under her spell already..... heaven help us when he gets here and she works her charm on him in person!
So today ended on a fantastic note... I am feeling slightly drained but feel ready to handle the night.... am going to try it alone this first night and see how it goes... if necessary will get a nurse in after this and probable will for a few times just to give myself a break.... but my mother will be here on Tuesday so between us I am hopeful we will do okay. Then only 12 days till Jusin gets here and things will be perfect!  Also my sister will be joining us just in time for my birthday so we shall be having a great celebration then.

She is smiling  while he is chilled out!
Our other tummymummy had a scan yesterday which unfortunately I didn't get to see and the baby is now at 33.4 weeks. Hopefully will sit tight for another 1-2 weeks even though it is over 2 kilos... it would be better to get some more weight on and develop a bit more. They did report that the cord is looped around the neck but baby is in no distress and this is not uncommon... but might mean another caesarian birth... maybe we can pick the day.... lol .... my birthday!!!
Till next time and hopefully with more photos
Paula, Harrison, Anastasia and Justin as well

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Harrison and Anastasia have graduated!

Yep that's right... they have graduated to been cuddled and kissed to death by mummy! Poor little mites don't know what hit them! And they are now having 4 breast feeds a day each as well and seem to have got the hang of that pretty easy... though both tend to nod off half way thru. Both still require some further time in the baby unit but hope to be released by at least Friday... oh help..... then Mummy is in for it!!
Below are some photos of our gorgeous guy and delightful girl for all to enjoy. Harrison decided to be up first and then Anastasia followed( which as the 2nd born she will end up doing lots I am sure!)......

As you can see they have both got definite ideas about this person who keeps disturbing them when they want to sleep... and most of the time they aren't too impressed!

Justin hopes to be able to join us within 2 weeks... our situation has changed very rapidly and we are in the process of moving back to Australia due to work situation... luckily Justin has been successful in another position but as a result he had to return to Australia to ensure all was set up for us when we do return as a family... he is so disappointed to be missing this time but we hope he arrives in time for the birth of our 3rd baby who is due later this month. (Then I will get him to do all the running around!!! My mum arrives next Monday so that will give me an extra pair of hands and a Nanna to spoil the babies... she seems really keen to be here! Senility must be setting in already.

Enough for now ....more photos will be posted as they get taken.... I was in trouble for not getting some up for the 2nd May! Anyone would think i have nothing better to do than take photo
Cheers for now

Paula, Harrison amd Anastasia in Delhi..... Justin in Australia. ( and little one yet to come!)

Sunday 1 May 2011

May 1st ....Mummy hassling us!

At last a few more photos!! I was allowed in today and able to touch them and talk to them..... after hearing my singing which Harrison protested to I don't think I will be asked to sing again!
It was so fanatstic just to be close to them and talk to them.... this evening I spent ages in there as Harrison was wide awake and then needed a soothing touch to settle.... loved seeing my little boy fall asleep under my hands ...words are too limiting at times....
Harrison holding mummy's hand
I had spent over two hours in there this morning as well and got video's of both them but will need to work out how to upload.... not technically minded so that will be a job for Justin to do...... Anastasia was wide awake this morning and giving me these amazing stares.... "like who are you and just what do you think you will be doing???.... oh so your mummy!!! well okay " she seemed to .... I can see attitude happening there already whereas harrison seemes more chilled about things.... easy come sort of chap....pretty like his daddy but has a set of lungs when he felt he needed to say something this evening!
Anastasia allowing mummy to hold her hand!

Hopefully it won't be too much longer and will be able to hold them and them try breastfeeding them.... they are tolerating spoon fed so that is a good sign. But just to be near them and to know that they are safely born is so awesome..... we never felt that we would have children together and now we feel so totally blessed...... and when our our little one makes an appearance it will complete our family!( no dear we are not going back to even up the numbers!!!!)

Harrison just chilling holding mummy's finger

Harrison just chilling holding mummy's finger