Tuesday 27 March 2012

a very long overdue update....

Our beautiful babies are now 11 months old ( well Harrison and Anastasia are and Oliver is over 10 months).... so hard to believe! The time is flying and they are all growing so fast... I am staggered at the changes that seem to occur on an almost daily basis.
Some facts about the trio... Anastasia was the first to crawl and she is like a little rocket darting all over the place at a rapid rate of knots! We think that she burns up so much energy and as a result she is the lightest... even though she eats as much as the boys... she weighed 8.2 kilos 2 weeks ago. She is now standing without holding anything and thinks she is sooo clever but still not game to take that first step. She is the best eater in that she will eat whatever you put in front of her and loves to feed herself and has a liking for olives!
Harriosn became very impatient and yelled and bellowed till he eventually managed to go forward with his crawling. He has finally gotten some speed up but tends to crawl with his head down so bumps into things... ouch!He hates feeding himself and though he eats well is more selective and not as willing to try new things as his sister. He weighed in at 9.8 kilos yesterday and feels alot heavier.....can really say he has heavy bones. As a result he hates trying to stand and so comes up to you and kneels till you lift him upright.
Our little Oliver is a delight and seemed to be destined not to crawl been happy just to rotate around and roll to places.... then last 2 weeks he up and started going forward.. it was like he was waiting till he had it worked out and then he would do it. He loves standing upright and gets very excited when you pick him up. He loves his dessert though he is now enjoying most things and enjoys trying to feed himself.... vegemite sandwiches are a big hit with all of them. Two weeks ago he weighed a big 8.6 so trying to catchh up with his brother!

Sleeping is mostly okay... except we still have a few dummy runs during the night for the boys. The last week has been rough though as we have everyone teething.. Harrison is working on #7&8 while Anastasia is working on #3,4,5 &6! Oliver is about to have # 5&6 pop through.

Their personalities are just so amazing to watch develop... they are such different individuals and all so delightful and the joy they find in each other is lovely to watch. They get a plastic cup and blow into it and then burst into squeals of laughter at each other. Harrison is such a boy and throws things everywhere but really loves his cuddles. Anastasia is such a little princess, putting her hand up to check her hair( the little she has) and then when she gets cranky clenches her fists and growls at you between her teeth! Oliver is such a studiuos and observant little fellow... he always seems to be assessing how things work and how to make them work .. then he burst into laughter when he gets it! They love their swimming and any kind of time outside and all love music often bopping away to songs.
So now for some recent photos :) We have been very lucky and have had some visitors recently. First we had another set of triplets come and visit...they are nearly 3 months older than ours and you could see the difference... they were so active and into everything.. it was a great lesson on getting prepared for when our 3 get to that stage! They are so cute and we had a great time watching the 6 interact.
When I was 17 I was very fortunate to spend a year on an exchange to Wisconsin and stay with a wonderful family. I have alwys kept in touch and consider them as part of my extended family. My mom and 2 of my sisters came to visit and meet the trio and we had a fantastic week with them sharing in all the fun things that the trio love doing,... swimming, going out to eat and even baby bounce at the library!

Oliver,Anastasia and Harrison
Harrison swimming
Loves her corn on the cob!
Oliver practising his yoga!
Our play date with the other triplets!
Out at the winery
Cuddles with auntie Ann
Auntie Mary with her arms full!
Grandma Joan with the trio