Tuesday 24 July 2012

Mobility ..... we are heading into trouble now!

We now have 2 walkers...... and one climber! Yep Harrison is now testing out his new upright position (very gingerly at this stage) and Oliver is working out that he can climb.... he is also very close to walking but his version is quite terrifying for us as he stands , looks at you and laughs and then launches himself towards you with no fear of falling flat on his face.... you have to be quick to catch him!
They are all recovering from there first bout of illnesses.. we have had a run of teething, middle ear infections and broncolitis that has been ongoing for about 6 weeks. Record number of times getting up in one night was 16.... thankfully we are now back down to 2-4 a night and hoping that will be 0-1 within the next week.... this is one exhausted mummy!
Besides that they are all doing really well and developing further into delightful little people. They are all so uniquely different and have such fantastic personalities. They are all trying to feed themselves and managing to make lovely messes and they are saying words like car and plane (ane) and aslo No! they can say Oliver ( owa)and Harrison (hara) but haven't yet managed Anastasia and mama and dada are yelled constantly. Both boys had their first haircut and were brilliantly behaved... I was expecting that they would be fussing and fidgeting the whole time but they both sat very still and seemed to enjoy the attention.
Here is the video of the first real walk Harrison did( 2months after his sister) and also some other fun videos and photos of our trio.... hope you enjoy them as much as we do taking them.... it is so hard to choose what photos to put up as I love them all. ( Am not sure if the videos have attached properly .... fingers crosssed!)

Just a little chuckle!

Harrison first real walk!

Feeding time at the zoo!

Oliver climbing with Harrison looking on!
First haircut....very serious!

Oliver waiting his turn....

High tea in the park

Our little princess on the play gym....
Our handsome boys!