Thursday 31 March 2011

Got an email

Yep got the email that puts you on edge... the SM carrying the twins was admitted with abdominal pains which have progressed to mild contractions. Not yet pleasssseeeee.... we want you both to put on some more weight before we get to meet you personally.
So now I am waiting by the computer and with the phone fully charged... Justin is saying "Bring it on.... I am ready to meet my babies!" .... I have rapidly packed the babies bags.... yep needing 2 for their stuff. I am sure that I have forgotten stuff.... onsies, wraps, nappies , towels, carry bags, wipes, socks, mittens, hats...what else do I need? A multiple mum here of premmie triplets(now nearly 1) has got some premmie clothes for me so they wil definitely be packed(thanks S). All the cleaning stuff I have packed as well. Haven't started on mine and Justin's yet...will toss those in as we bolt out the door.
Thankfully most of the paperwork is underway and should only be a formality....glad of my obsession to make sure everything is arranged well ahead of time... I would have been in meltdown if we didn't have the visas ready to go now!
So hopefully this is all just a trial run and the contractions settle down...maybe these babies have our strange sense of humour and want to be born on 1st April.... heaven help us then if this is the way they greet life! We will definitely be kept on our toes. Our other little one is lying low at the moment which is good and I hope keeps on doing that.
I will now go pour myself a wine and try and relax... yeah right!
Parents in waiting hopefully for 5 more weeks......please????

Tuesday 29 March 2011

ABC is easy as 123

Well as I mentioned last time we had a baby shower over the weekend and despite a few hiccups was a wonderful afternoon. The venue was lovely.... back garden of good friend and the food(when it turned up!) was excellent. The love and support that we got from those who attended was superb and meant so much to both Justin and I.... and the lovely gifts will definitely be put to plenty of use with our triblings arriving soon. I have included a picture of our cake that everyone thought was too good to eat.... what do you think?

We preformed a casaerian on the cake to freeze the babies to eat on the 1st birthday... lol! And the cake tasted fantastic too.
We recieved our visas back and have now got till September to go in and out of India.... definitely hoping it won't take that long but glad we have the 6 months organised already.  Have started the processes for all the other necessary paperwork and feel that basically we are on track.... and as we have 50 days before we fly out(all going to plan) am sure we will have time to panic in the last week about all the stuff we shouldhave or needed to do... it is always the way!
Oh and our carry bags arrived the other day... my wonderful sister sent them across so that the babies would travel in comfort and style.... yep the wonderful soft carry bassinets that we all seem to be using.... ours a lovely red so you won't miss us when we go out!

Super dad

Friday 25 March 2011

What fantastic photos!!

AWe recieved the latest scan on the twins 3 days ago..... they were 29.2 weeks then so now that means they are nearly 30 weeks!! They are both doing what they are meant to be doing and reeaching all the expected milestones for this stage of the pregnancy. The scans that we recieved aren't as clear as we have had and I think that is cause they are feeling a bit squeesy in there.... all reports are saying that our SM is doing really well and is having no issues carring our 2 bubbles. That makes me feel great as nothing worse than struggling through a troubled, awkard pregnancy.  Our other little bundle is travelling as alsways 10 days behind..... must be a girl and wants to make a grand entrance!  We will recieve our next up date of singleton on 7th April so will let everyone know how our prima donna is doing then.

Got some fantastic photos which puts this all into prospective and makes it seem more real for us .... some lovely shots of our tummy - mummies. Gues which is the twins and which is the singleton??
Post your comments as to who you think is carrying who and I will tell you all next time I post.....
Tomorrow we are having the baby shower... I know we are a bit early with doing this but with the weather warming up and a few friends who kept asking when it was going be decided to just get in and do it! So a good friend who has also been down our journey in surrogacey has offered to have it at her place as she has a lovely outdoor area and we can all just chill for the afternoon. We have organised a shawarma man to come and supply the food and arranged other nibblies and drinks. The fun part was ordering a cake... the lady who makes cakes nearly had a fit when we asked for her to put 3 babies on the decorations on the top!! Wish I had a camera As we don't know the genders Justin picked the colour of the icing... yellow and purple..... oh yummmy!!! Will definitely take photo and post it next time... this is something we have to share.
Should be a fun afternoon with good friends and a few games and great food.... pity my family  and friends from back home won't be able to join us. Will have to catch up when we get back and the babies are born.... they will then be the centre of attention as it should be.
Till next time  :)

Saturday 12 March 2011

Decisions on housing!

When we started this journey we gave little thought beyound our great desire to have a baby/ies share our lives. Then once the reality struck that we were actually going to have 3 little ones join us we looked around our 2 bedroom unit and thought "this might need to be changed"
Back home we have a lovely home which would have meet our needs no problem.. 4 bedroom , 2 bathroom, large fence backyard… you get the picture … suburban bliss. Since we are living currently overseas we have opted for ease and convinance and currently live on the 15th floor of a apartment block in a average sized 2 bedroom unit…. with large balcony great for having BBQ's! (I get the shakes thinking of taking the babies out there now!) We could see great difficulty in getting out of the unit with 3 in the Hummer(pram) , unloading them into the car in the carpark, driving off, returning home with babes and shopping aaaaaand reversing the process…… hmmm this will be a mammoth task even with 2 of us doing it! Better find a place that can walk out and load babes into car (skip pram section) and unload stright back into house. Off house hunting we went.
So we toured around and viewed differing types of accomadation …. thinking we need lots of room with a back yard. Well we found one in a new development and it was hughmongous(bloody large) with a good size yard…. and I fell in love with it! Then my DH pointed out a few issues that I hadn't considered. This was a brand new area and consequently there was no developed infastructure like corner shops, walking paths and it was a long drive from any decent sized shop…. basically we would get to feel quite isolated out there. Okay onto the next one!
The next area we looked out was an area that has many expats and comprises of villas of differeing sizes with lovely walkways and all the necessary shops, childcare and schools….. looking promising. We had looked at a few and basically decided yes this would be fine for us as a family… the rents were coming down and we could get a 3 bedroom place within our budget. As we drove around trying to decide which area exacty something struck me very forcefully! The rubbish bins! What you might think has rubbish bins got to do with renting a house….. well if you have 3 babies in disposable nappies… you do the maths!! Gulp these bins would be overflowing withing 4 days! and that's not counting the normal household rubbish and all the empties!!(lol …. no only a wine bottle or 3)
This put us back to square one and in despair we took ourselves down to one of our favourite areas for a quite coffee and a stroll along the broadwalk near the beach. Inspiration struck… why not right there above us? Yes it was getting back into the unit scenario but this particular area have many benefits which we had forgotten about. Basically it is about many large apartment blocks which have a mezzanine floor that runs nearly 2 kilometers above the road. On this level there are many little parks, swimming pools, corner shops and coffee shops for desperate mummies and it is all pram , child friendly! They have a variety of size unitas and the 3 bedroom ones we looked at were massive inside…. and all on one level. But the best feature by far was the rubbish chute…. oh yeah we grinned at each other…. straight out the door into the chute and it is history! Our decision was made. I could easily load the triblings into the pram, head down the elevator to the mezzanine level and enjoy a lovely stroll. Even better it is just across teh road from the beach so can imagine lovely early mornings , late afternoons playing down there. There is a small balcony but we can ensure that is safely locked so feel very pleased with our decision. So we will look at moving from our current place when the lease expires in August …. we will survive a few months in this lovely little unit which I will miss as it has a great view…the triblings won't be too mobile before then but the added space will be wonderful as soon as we do move.

Quick update on the triblings.. the twins are now at 27 weeks according to scans and the singleton is sitting at 25.2 weeks… hopefully that will close closer we get to delivery. All are doing well and they are reaching the expected weights and heights at this time. Both the surromums are feeling well and looking after our babies perfectly. Here is a 3D picture of singleton we got 3 days ago…. handsome or beautiful?
We also have the normal scans of the twins but no really good profile shots but will post them anyway so you can see that they are developing beautifully…. I think they are starting to feel a bit cramped in their temporary home!

Friday 4 March 2011

Just to keep you posted on how we are doing

We got scans on the twins the other day…. they were tracking along perfectly. On 21st Feb the report said Twin1 is 24.6 weeks and that Twin 2 is 24.3 weeks with both weighing over 700grams. This is getting so close to the magic mark of 27 weeks  which is the time when they say pregnancies are viable…. but we want them to hang is for another ten weeks if possible to put some fat on their little bodies and develop further….. we are happy to wait. 
Once 27 weeks is here we will contact the Australian High Commission in Delhi to get our tracking number and then arrange for the DNA test kits to be paid for and ready for when all 3 bubbles are born. Justin will be tested at the same time as the babies and then hope for a quick response o we can proceed with all the other paperwork.
Just reading a few other blogs it seems things are getting more streamlined so hopefully by the time we get there it will be smooth sailing for us.
Next week they are going to scan all the babies on the same day and send us a copy of the scan…. Can’t wait!! Even though we get the lovely scans and reports they send regularly we will love having a scan that we can watch over ad over again!
When we found out that we were expecting 3  we were stunned and scared and then awed…… telling our families was great  as we so  wanted to share this awesome event. We told everyone not long before Christmas so we decided to venture out and buy our bubbles there first present. We placed them under the tree for all to see…. This year they will be full!!! Oh the twins are 26 weeks today and little one is tracking at 25 weeks