Sunday 28 October 2012

Eighteen months... oh wow!

 Today it is 18 months since we became the proud parents of Harrison and Anastasia and then of Oliver 3 weeks later.... so much has happened in that time and trying to keep up with all the changes is so hard. They are forever changing and developing in new ways every day.... it is such a pleasure to watch them grow.
Have just done a large photo dump... we have been very busy and have experienced a few things since I last posted... fireworks and dining out  in Brisbane, camping with friends and swimming to name a few. Our "favourite " auntie surprised us with a visit as well which was lovely. Enjoy

Harrison eating "num nums"

Anastasia with "num num"
Oliver showing the others how to not get caught with food in your mouth

camping is great fun with friends

our home pool

Chilling watching mummy and daddy set up our shade house

First time every watching TV.. lasted 5 minutes!
Trying to decide if this canoeing is any good

With Mummy and "bestest" auntie

Nothing beats chippies and sauce...yum

Our flying fish!