Monday 5 December 2011

Wow... we are over 7 months!

Well it has been awhile since I posted so below are some recengt photos and a bit of a blurb

Us with our Nanna-Anna... she spent 1 month with us and it was great!

It is hard to believe that the trio are so big now... they all were seen by the specialist 2 weeks ago who gave them the thumbs up .. in fact said that Harrison has definitely caught up and would no longer be seen as a premmie bub as he is in the 50% for his age... weighing in at 7.8 kilos. Miss Anastasia is trailing in the stats... only in the 10% so needs to be kept an eye on..... even though she has physically beaten the boys at milestones.. she weighs in at a dainty 6.6 kilos. Oliver is doing great and is between the 25-50% with a weight of 7.6 and he is rolling better than the other 2... he can go either way and just rolls wherever he wants!
The amount of joy and happiness they continue to give is amazing.... they are really such happy, contented babies and we rarely have any times of discontent. The individual characters of each child is becoming more and more obvious... and they are such unique and lovable traits. Oliver was having great delight the other day.... I came in to find him squeesing Harrison on the arm and then smiling when Harrison let out a squeak... " It makes a noise mummy!" He was really happy with that toy! ( Not sure Harrison thought much of it!) Anastasia is sooo close to crawling... she gets up on her knees and rocks and then flaps her arms( swimming!) Harrison just bellows when he finds himself stuck.. he can go backwards and ends up under all the toys as a result. They all love their swimming and have great breathe control... even dived down to pick up a toy today! They are now all having 3 meals aday with Oliver showing a great sweet tooth... in fact he was refusing his vegies and crying till he got dessert( apple, pear or banana) which he and I had words about... now he eats his dinner that follows up with something sweet. we manage 2 naps a day with them sleeping for about 1 hour in the morning after breakfast and then for 1-2 hours after lunch .... but the best thing is that they are all sleeping thru the night! They go to bed at 6pm following dinner and last bottle and then they get up at 5.30 am ( was 4.30 till I put black carboard on the windows!) so we are all getting decent sleeps.. it is bliss! I hope this will last but as we have no teeth yet( yes that is correct... not one single tooth in any mouth!) I am sure this won't last long.

Well some photos of the trio .. we sat on Santa's lap too this week! And we have graduated to sitting forward in the car.... yay
Harrison, Oliver and Anastasia with the man in red!
Harrison, Oliver and Anastasia ... big kids now!


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