Thursday 13 September 2012

Oliver stepping out!

I have been holding off posting until it was official ..... and today I believe we can actually say that he has decided to join the rest of us and walk... at least when it suits him!
Oliver has been taking his time and practising his skills around the furniture and even breaking out 3-5 steps but hasn't been convinced that this is for him. Then this morning he just decided "yep  I can do this" ... and so he has been showing off now to anyone who will watch him! We think that he has held off for such a long time cause he didn't have the strnght in his ankles. Since Oliver was born it has been obvious that he has totally different body tone to Harrison and Anastasia.... there was even a question asked if he might have Cerebral Palsy. We obviously were concerned and worried about this possible diagnosis and have been monitoring him closely... and as he has been meeting all his milestone( in his own good time!) we think that if he does have CP it is extremely mild and hopefully won't need too much intervention. Saying that though we have to say that he is standing with his right foot facing out and wanting to walk on the inner side of his foot.... so we are booked to see a specialist physio and ortho team in the near future to see if he needs some assistance to get his feet in the correct posture. This is so mild when I consider all the potential issues that we could of had with 3 babies... and I just am so grateful for the health and happiness of our delightful trio!
Now so other facts about the trippies
We have had a really lousy 3 months with teething, broncholitis, tonsillitis, inner ear infections and then the flu.... uggghhhh!! One night I think I got up over 18 times to different babies at different times. Thankfully though they are all in the same room they tend not to disturb each other... so it seems that they arrange to do a tag team just to keep Mummy hopping!
When we went to the paediatricain last month they all passed ....... Harriosn is spot on 50% for everything(weighs 10.6kgs) while Anastasia was measuring at the 10% for her age(weighs 8.6) and so we need to increase her weight some more. Her head circumfrance is a concern as it is 5% but this has been the case since birth and when we look at the family her grandmother has a petite head... so genetics definitely are working here. Oliver was 50% on height but was only 5% on weight (8.7kgs).... so both him and Anastasia are back on formular to boost that... and it has worked well. In one month they have both hit over the 9.5 mark!
They all eat like crazy and seem to enjoy most foods... it is funny that if you put out a bowl of fruit peices Harrison grabs all the grapes, Anastasia all the strawberries and Oliver all the kiwi fruit... and they pass each other the peices they know the others like... so cute! Harriosn is probably the most cautios in tasting new stuff while the other 2 just dig in.
They are doing well on the sleeping mostly... they go to bed at 6-6.30pm and generally wake up at 6 in the morning... still getting the occasional callout for dummy or if we have a cough or sore teeth which is fine by me. They are now only having 1 sleep during the day.. generally go down at 10.30 -11 and sleep for 1-2 hours. Then they go all afternoon!
They are all testing the limits...looking at us when they are near the TV to see if they can get away with playing with the button, taking toys off each other and then running away (mostly Anastasia!) They are all enjoying climbing on their play equipment and have nmany falls and scrapes from the top... but still get back up and go again.
Harrison is still very cautious of new situations and wants reassurance whereas Anastasia will watch for 1 second.. then jump in madly. Oliver watches and studies and then proceeds to join in after he works it all out. They are just so totally different in personalities.. so amazing to watch and see them develop as little individuals. Words are slow in coming ... they do tend to use some signing to get their message across and I think that as they have each other they won't be rushing to talk to us!
Enough of the dialogue... on to the piccies!

Oliver's first real walk!
The trio rumbling with daddy

The granddads and daddy taking us for a ride

Both sets of grandparents and daddy celebrating daddy's birthday.

we love climbing anything!

Princess with her adoring nanna's!

Our first costume party.. superman, princess and spiderman here to the rescue

Super dude!

spidery on the prowl!


  1. Gorgeous Paula! They are going so well, and I don't know how you do it! Thanks for the advice. Last week I was in full panic mode but now that I have started getting (only a little bit) organized I'm feeling a lot better. Keep the piccies coming, of course when you have time!!!

  2. Love your post? A sign of things to come for us I think? Your babies are gorgeous