Friday 10 May 2013

Birthday time ...again! And farewell for now

Well it is hard to believe that 2 years have gone past since we became parents of our gorgeous toddlers. They are a constant source of movement and noise these days and into everything! the development that we are seeing at this stage is amazing... everyday seems to bring more and more words and greater understanding of their world. Also greater delight and devilment by all 3! They are all meeting their milestones and have mastered the art of manipulating both of us... if one doesn't succeed the others will work on us. They are still in cots but we are thinking of transitioning into toddler beds in the next few weeks. ( or not.. I can imagine been woken at 2am cause they can now get out of bed!) We are also in the process of doing the dreaded potty training... any advice/ hints gratefully received on how to do triplets all at once. Actually they are doing pretty good and we only tend to have a few accidents a day... still in nappies at night.  They are mostly sleeping through the night with only the occasional dummy run. They happily go off to bed at 6.30 when we say it is bedtime and settle listening to their music and generally we don't hear them until 6 in the morning.... not too bad I think! They go to daycare a few days a week and love it... so many other activities and more people than just mummy to annoy :) Harrison remains our biggest and now weighs in at 12.6 kilos, Anastasia is 10.6 and Oliver is trailing at 10.2... he just got over 10 kilos this month! Harrison is spot on 50% with his peers where the other 2 are at 10%... hopefully Oliver will have a growth spurt one of these days and be able to wear his pants without them slipping down all the time! Anastasia will probably always be on the dainty/petite side as seems to be a family trait with the girls which will be great when she is older.

Like many others who do these blogs I wonder when is the appropriate time to say farewell. I feel so much appreciation for all my fellow bloggers whom I stalked (lol) without whose advice, humour, support and honesty would have made this journey for us so much harder to follow on this miraculous path to parenthood. I hope that our blog and the success that we have achieved encourage and support others through their journeys. The end result of our three fantastic children made all the heartache, grief and stress worth it one hundred fold.

We will probably be back with the occasional update and photo splurge and I will definitely be watching and reading all the other blogs(both old and new) out there.  The connection I feel to our worldwide surrogate families will always pull me back to cheer on and support others as they undertake this amazing journey.
Enjoy our trio as they turn 2 ....

Hungry caterpillar cake.... yummy!

picnic time

Dad pull faster!

bubbles in the spa at the hotel....opps!!!

Just love our water table

Teletubbies move over.. we are taking on the roles of super toddlers!

Mr O....Cool dude Oliver!

Little miss Anastasia

quad bikes for our birthday... yay!

butter wouldn't melt in my mouth!

I suppose we are allowed to do this... it is our party!
Musicians in the making!

no she is fine mummy... promise!

Harrison says I love my daddy!
 Our teddie bear dance... sorry about the soundtrack!

Cheers for now and good luck to everyone wherever you are on this journey. Thanks for been part of our lives.


  1. hi your children are beautiful, we are just heading to sci next week to begin and its blogs like yours that give me the boost i need too start out and i hope someday to have the same joy in our lives as your babies have brought to yours...

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