Tuesday 27 May 2014

Three x three..... our triplets celebrated their third birthday... and what a year we have had!

Back again and so grown up!
It has been an amazing year and as one would expect the development of our delightful trio was phenomenal. I won't detail all the accomplishments and milestones that they have achieved but you will get some as well as a barrage of photos.

This is their kindy photo....Oliver, Anastasia and Harrison


We Recently moved to be closer to family and we added a pool to the new house.... obviously it has been a big hit and the trio are loving swimming most days... poor mummy is waterlogged!

 Just 2 blocks from our house is the beach which is lovely to go play and walk along.... unfortunately it isn't suitable to swim in most of the year but we still have a great time down there.

 We have had lots of grandparent interactions and I believe that none of them can get enough of spending time with their Pammar and Granddad and their Nanna and Nandad. They have been to aquarium(fish shop), on a bullock dray, out for meals, and just spending lovely times with them. Also getting to know their big brother and sister who spent a wonderful Xmas and Easter holidays with us.... love that they happily take the trio and spend time with them so I can sit and watch ( while drinking bubbles). We also ventured overseas for a trip to Fiji which was a huge success though I had been dreading the 5 hour flight it went quite smoothly... 2 adults and  2 year old triplets were given a wide berth.!

Pammar and Oli

My folks and us posing for a xmas shot :)

Big kids and little dining out together

Nandad and Nanna out with the trio

aunty, cousin and grandad with the trio bullockdraying


we will hold hands if we have to!

 One of the best accomplishments as far as mummy is concerned is that we are now all toilet trained... all done by 2 1/2 years old!! And we have graduated to our big beds.. so Anastasia has her own room and the boys share. Took about a week for everyone to get use to it but once again no major issues.

Touch wood we have been relatively healthy with only the occasional infection and Harrison having outbreaks of asthma every now and then. Oliver continues to be our light weight and has just topped the scales at 12 kilos where Anastasia is a petite 14 and Harrison is 16!




Their personalities are so wonderfully different... not sure who told Harrison he is the oldest( which he is) but he tends to look after the other two as well as boss them around! Anastasia has both boys doing whatever she wants and then she banishes them when she wants to play quietly with her dolls... and she is such a little mother hen! Oliver continues to watch and observe and then he does as he wants... and with such tenacity. He might be little but man does he let you know if he is cross! They are all so delightful and everyone who meets them thinks they are beautifully behaved... which they are most times ;)

And unlike most parents we know, we tend to buy our kids the noisy toys and instruments ... so guitars and drum set were well received for their birthday presents.


And to sign off I present up and coming new band "The Neenoos" premier performance.
(highlight the link and it will take you to the video)

Hope that you enjoy the photo dump and seeing our beautiful babies grow into wonderful children. Will try and add some more photos in a few months time.
Thank you for your ongoing support and to anyone who is just starting this journey.... know that the dream is possible and definitely magical!


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