Tuesday 8 February 2011

Booked tickets!

Yes I know we are early to do this but I figured that it is better to be organised and this also makes it seem like we are actually going to be picking up our 3 bubbles. The tickets are booked for 37 weeks and can be changed with no penalty and I have allowed for 5 weeks.... hopefully we will be changing that to 3 weeks:)

We have been slowly getting stuff organised for the arrivals of our triblings (3 siblings ... not quite triplets!)and have accumulated a large amount of stuff! Yesterday we headed to a flea market that did only baby and children's stuff and got some great bargains... a portacot for $10 (aus) that is like new and the best was 2 phil and ted metoo travel high chairs.... they are brilliant as we were concerned that having 3 normal highchairs would be a real pain as they take up so much room. These ones attach to any table and can be taken out with you anywhere.... not that we anticipate going out much...lol. But IF we did we have noticed a lack of high chairs in most places usually only 2 , maybe 3 and if used all of them we would not be popular. Actually probable won't be popular if we did take our 3 out to dinner.... poor other diners! Have attached the picciesso you can see how cool they are.

When we found out we were expecting 3 we spent heaps of time researching for prams and finally decided on the ABC buggy which can take 2-4 babies from birth to age 3.....it is a real humdinger of a beast! We have named it The Hummer 3 and heaven help anyone who steps in front as I am sure that the stopping distance will be at least 1.5 metres! The added hazard is as I am 5 foot nothing I can only just see over the top so people will be in double jeopardy..... well they have been warned.No it really isn't going to be that deadly for the general population but it will draw attention to us.... not sure how I feel about that but will deal with it as it occurs.Isn't she a beauty?

Will keep adding different things.... maybe even explain a bit about how we come to be on this glorious adventure in another entry. At the moment I am just enjoying this fantastic buildup to achieving our dream of having children together.


  1. Hey guys Rozii here we just all been down helpin your parents out at Balgal with the post Cyclone Yasi clean up where they told us of your website so once home have logged on and we all checked out your amazing pictures and blog and have to say a huge congratulations to you all and what a wonderful job you did creating this blog to keep us all up to date on your precious arrivals. We will definately be staying tuned!! Love to you all over there MWAH!!

  2. Found it! have to stop and have a look!

  3. ha!! little do they know I am the person that the tripllings will love the most...hahahahhahaha i am the bestest aunty ever!!I am sure they will enjoy being the children of Paula n Justin, but must be thrilled I am to be the aunty for all things fun and curious...I am already "nutbag nanna" so weird aunty j is ok too...lol!