Friday 11 February 2011

DH may not always mean Darling Husband!

As I am sitting here trying to compose further blog articles that will inform and entertain everyone, my DH is making all sorts of obnoxiuos comments! I asked him for a suggestion for the title of this blog and as he knew I was going to add the picture with the twin carrier he suggested

"What a lovely pair of knockers!" 
Anyway I will not be using that as a title but will continue on blogging. So as his comment leads to our latest purchase I will tell you about it. We found this site called Twins UK and it has some great articles for twins and mutiple births. The twin carrier was something that really caught my eye as I was thinking how are we going to get around while we are doing baby pick-up in May and June. Prams are definitely out in Delhi and even though we have the soft carriers it will be difficult to manange all 3 if we are down to 2 adults as we might be some of the time. So this article seems perfect and we ordered online and had a friend bring it across from the UK(thanks Raj ) . Here is Justin modelling for it and is where he came up with his title.

We also recieved further scans on our little one (the singleton) and the 3D images of this bubble. This little bubble seems to want to be special so is dragging his/her feet and the due date is 10 days behind the twins…. am so seriously hoping this will narrow down to under a week so that we can minimise the time we spend in Delhi….. monsoon season will be a test! But the 3D images are sooooo cute! Already a prima donna!

Next set of scans are due on the twins about the 20th of this month but will not be 3D (I don't think ) but will still post and update as we go along. The nursery is slowly coming along…. will need to find a bigger place but can manage with what we have now until after the babies are home with us…. but if that ideal place happens along in March/ April we will move then and will really be able to set up the nursery as we want to.

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