Wednesday 8 June 2011

All done... yay!!

Harrison, Oliver and Anastasia

Great day yesterday with the finalisation of all the paperwork... yes this is it!!! No more visits to various departments with copious amounts of paperwork and the correct facilitation fee.... we are free to leave when we want. Actually we have until June 10th to exit the country according to the children's exit visa's and that is when we do leave. Yes I know we could go earlier but as we have already booked and arranged tickets, accomadation and connecting transport we have decided to just chill for a few days and then fly out on Friday...we can relax, do some touristy stuff and last minute shopping( my sister will need an extra suitcase if she keeps buying!)

On the tribling front... all are doing so well. It is hard to keep remembering that Oliver is 22 days younger than Harison and Anastasia.... that is till you pick him up. He is our featherweight champion with the other two going through growth spurt and demanding more and more good stuff! Actually they are all on the same schedule but Oliver has 20mls less than the others at bottle time. They are just delightful and developing into such different personalities. Harrison remains laid back after everything.... just looking around and enjoying the view. Miss Anastasia has attitude in a positive way.... she will let everyone know she is needing something so please attend her! Oliver has a serious look about him with the biggest eyes I have seen.. he is observing everything. Thankfully they are all good on the bottle/boob and most of the time do give up their burps... sometimes with a bit of a fuss!! And they are sleeping really well at night only waking once for a feed between 2-3am each night... then sleep through to 7am!

Anastasia playing cute!
Oliver been serious!

Harrison hanging around!
A morning at the shops....with Nanna-anna and Auntie Cinta

Mummy with Harrison, Anastasia and Oliver.... my arms full of babies!
Anastasia... yes we are heading home!!!!

Anastasia has it right with the attitude.... It will be good to get home and get ourselves set up in our new house... our cargo arrives just after we get back so will be busy setting up the house and especially have fun setting up the nursery. We have 3 lovely new cots, change tables and other stuff absoultely necessary to make a wonderful nursery. There are some colourful disney motifs to place on the walls too! The rocking chair will be greatly appreciated by mummy :)

Paula and co!


  1. Paula and co., I'm so glad to hear that everything is done with the exit paperwork. Chad and I are starting some summer reading this week, including your Contented Twins. Keep the photos coming of your three. They are adorable!

  2. Congrats on getting over that hurdle...enjoy your final days in'll be surprised how it stays with you and before long, you'll miss all the quirks of Delhi!

  3. They are just to cute! Safe travels, and Have some samboy chips and think of me when you get home!

  4. what beautiful babies you have ,, keep the photos coming!! have a safe trip home !!

  5. Congratulations on finalising the exit process. You will be home in Australia before you know it. The bub's are absolutely beautiful. Podee's have been organised and will be delivered in about a week. Peter, Brad, Jonathan, Oscar and Alice.

  6. yay! lad your on the way home, I am sure you family will love the fact that your heading to Oz rather than back to Dubai. Enjoy the new house, and i hope the shipment arrives on time, our bed was left in Bahrain, but is finally on its way now! let us know if you ever need a place to stay in Sydney, enough room for you all at our place!
    Meg and Don