Wednesday 1 June 2011

Update from Delhi or more photos

Some photos of our delightful family. We are eagerly waiting for the DNA results to come and till then we are just getting to know our three beautiful babies.... it is a great bonding time that we will surely miss when we go back to our routine of work and normal daily lives.

Anastasia, Harrison and Oliver
Mummy, Oliver, Anastasia, Harrison and Daddy
Anastasia, Harrison and Oliver
Mummy and her babies!
Hopefully the passports will be done by Friday and then we only have a few more steps before we can fly home.... Have tentatively booked to fly out 10th June(fingers crossed!!) and then we have all our furniture and belongings arriving by shipment on 15th June to move into our new house in Gladstone. Gonna be kinda busy when we get back to Oz!

Will keep people updated... getting kinda hot and steamy here in Delhi and am soo glad we have airconditioning. We would not cope otherwise! Also it is so fantastic having both my mother and sister here helping with the babies.... definitely makes it easier.

Jacinta and Anastasia

Nanna-anna and Oliver
Ciao for now from us .... will do some individual shots in the next few days of our trio

Paula :) one very happy mummy!


  1. happy x 3! Congrats on your first FULL family photos!

  2. Paula, It's great to see your whole family together. I'm sorry that we couldn't see you all again in Delhi. Enjoy the time you have left there! Cheers from Chad as well.