Tuesday 28 June 2011

Internet... well intermittently anyway!

Anastasia, Oliver and Harrison
Well I know it has been a while since we posted and a lot has happened in that time. We are now firmly ensconced in our new home in Australia and have packing boxes everywhere! The nursery was slowly set up with all 3 babies sharing one cot for 1 week until I got around to assembling the other 2 cots. Now they all sleep in their own beds ( but as the room is cosy they are still close to each other!).
We have been to the doctor and Harrison and Anastasia recieved their 2 month shots(yep hard to think that they are 2 months already) and thankfully had no adverse reactions whatsoever... I was dreading it as wondered how we would cope with distress babies for days on end. It was a complete family affair to go to the doctor... daddy, nanna and nandad had to attend to lend assistance and support as this was our first real outing here. Daddy got upset when his girl got her injections as he was holding her...think he would have gladly swapped so she didn't have to cry. Oliver is trying so hard to catch up to the other 2 .... he is drinking as much as them and tries to stay awake as long as they do..but still gets referred to as our little one. They have all put on weight with Harrison now a whopping 3.7, Anastasia 3.5 and Oliver 3.1 kilos which we are very happy about. Still waiting for them to sleep through though.... lol a bit early yet!
Some photos of our beautiful babies :)
Anastasia been a little princess

Oliver, Anastasia and Harrison with Daddy on the playmat
Anastasia, Oliver and Harrison rocking the world!


  1. Oh wow, Paula! They're looking so grown from when we saw them in Delhi! I hope you are enjoying life with three little ones.

  2. If you blink your eyes a few times, they'll be GIANT and crawling! ENJOY!!!

  3. wow thats so amazing i had tears when i looked at these wonderfull photos hoping one day that will be us !! well done to the both of you many happy years ahead

  4. Hey Paula happy Easter to you too! Your photos are fantastic and hopefully before the end of next year I can send you some too! We have our bookings now, off to Delhi on the 30th April, we have a lovely south African lady as our donor and the kind doctor is looking for surrogate mummies for us. So will keep you updated! Angie