Friday 4 March 2011

Just to keep you posted on how we are doing

We got scans on the twins the other day…. they were tracking along perfectly. On 21st Feb the report said Twin1 is 24.6 weeks and that Twin 2 is 24.3 weeks with both weighing over 700grams. This is getting so close to the magic mark of 27 weeks  which is the time when they say pregnancies are viable…. but we want them to hang is for another ten weeks if possible to put some fat on their little bodies and develop further….. we are happy to wait. 
Once 27 weeks is here we will contact the Australian High Commission in Delhi to get our tracking number and then arrange for the DNA test kits to be paid for and ready for when all 3 bubbles are born. Justin will be tested at the same time as the babies and then hope for a quick response o we can proceed with all the other paperwork.
Just reading a few other blogs it seems things are getting more streamlined so hopefully by the time we get there it will be smooth sailing for us.
Next week they are going to scan all the babies on the same day and send us a copy of the scan…. Can’t wait!! Even though we get the lovely scans and reports they send regularly we will love having a scan that we can watch over ad over again!
When we found out that we were expecting 3  we were stunned and scared and then awed…… telling our families was great  as we so  wanted to share this awesome event. We told everyone not long before Christmas so we decided to venture out and buy our bubbles there first present. We placed them under the tree for all to see…. This year they will be full!!! Oh the twins are 26 weeks today and little one is tracking at 25 weeks 

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