Tuesday 29 March 2011

ABC is easy as 123

Well as I mentioned last time we had a baby shower over the weekend and despite a few hiccups was a wonderful afternoon. The venue was lovely.... back garden of good friend and the food(when it turned up!) was excellent. The love and support that we got from those who attended was superb and meant so much to both Justin and I.... and the lovely gifts will definitely be put to plenty of use with our triblings arriving soon. I have included a picture of our cake that everyone thought was too good to eat.... what do you think?

We preformed a casaerian on the cake to freeze the babies to eat on the 1st birthday... lol! And the cake tasted fantastic too.
We recieved our visas back and have now got till September to go in and out of India.... definitely hoping it won't take that long but glad we have the 6 months organised already.  Have started the processes for all the other necessary paperwork and feel that basically we are on track.... and as we have 50 days before we fly out(all going to plan) am sure we will have time to panic in the last week about all the stuff we shouldhave or needed to do... it is always the way!
Oh and our carry bags arrived the other day... my wonderful sister sent them across so that the babies would travel in comfort and style.... yep the wonderful soft carry bassinets that we all seem to be using.... ours a lovely red so you won't miss us when we go out!

Super dad

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  1. You are getting close! Hang on to your hats because the speed of the world picks up very soon! Best wishes.