Thursday 31 March 2011

Got an email

Yep got the email that puts you on edge... the SM carrying the twins was admitted with abdominal pains which have progressed to mild contractions. Not yet pleasssseeeee.... we want you both to put on some more weight before we get to meet you personally.
So now I am waiting by the computer and with the phone fully charged... Justin is saying "Bring it on.... I am ready to meet my babies!" .... I have rapidly packed the babies bags.... yep needing 2 for their stuff. I am sure that I have forgotten stuff.... onsies, wraps, nappies , towels, carry bags, wipes, socks, mittens, hats...what else do I need? A multiple mum here of premmie triplets(now nearly 1) has got some premmie clothes for me so they wil definitely be packed(thanks S). All the cleaning stuff I have packed as well. Haven't started on mine and Justin's yet...will toss those in as we bolt out the door.
Thankfully most of the paperwork is underway and should only be a formality....glad of my obsession to make sure everything is arranged well ahead of time... I would have been in meltdown if we didn't have the visas ready to go now!
So hopefully this is all just a trial run and the contractions settle down...maybe these babies have our strange sense of humour and want to be born on 1st April.... heaven help us then if this is the way they greet life! We will definitely be kept on our toes. Our other little one is lying low at the moment which is good and I hope keeps on doing that.
I will now go pour myself a wine and try and relax... yeah right!
Parents in waiting hopefully for 5 more weeks......please????


  1. God bless and Good luck. I hope they are just making sure your ready. Have a second glass, I'm sure they are testing you guys. ;) Keep us updated

  2. Paula and Justin, we are sending positive thoughts and best wishes your way. Our SM went through the same thing at a very similar time. Fingers crossed for another 4-5 weeks for your bubs. Please keep us updated. Peter, Brad, Jonathan, Oscar and Alice (XX Kisses from Alice)