Friday 25 March 2011

What fantastic photos!!

AWe recieved the latest scan on the twins 3 days ago..... they were 29.2 weeks then so now that means they are nearly 30 weeks!! They are both doing what they are meant to be doing and reeaching all the expected milestones for this stage of the pregnancy. The scans that we recieved aren't as clear as we have had and I think that is cause they are feeling a bit squeesy in there.... all reports are saying that our SM is doing really well and is having no issues carring our 2 bubbles. That makes me feel great as nothing worse than struggling through a troubled, awkard pregnancy.  Our other little bundle is travelling as alsways 10 days behind..... must be a girl and wants to make a grand entrance!  We will recieve our next up date of singleton on 7th April so will let everyone know how our prima donna is doing then.

Got some fantastic photos which puts this all into prospective and makes it seem more real for us .... some lovely shots of our tummy - mummies. Gues which is the twins and which is the singleton??
Post your comments as to who you think is carrying who and I will tell you all next time I post.....
Tomorrow we are having the baby shower... I know we are a bit early with doing this but with the weather warming up and a few friends who kept asking when it was going be decided to just get in and do it! So a good friend who has also been down our journey in surrogacey has offered to have it at her place as she has a lovely outdoor area and we can all just chill for the afternoon. We have organised a shawarma man to come and supply the food and arranged other nibblies and drinks. The fun part was ordering a cake... the lady who makes cakes nearly had a fit when we asked for her to put 3 babies on the decorations on the top!! Wish I had a camera As we don't know the genders Justin picked the colour of the icing... yellow and purple..... oh yummmy!!! Will definitely take photo and post it next time... this is something we have to share.
Should be a fun afternoon with good friends and a few games and great food.... pity my family  and friends from back home won't be able to join us. Will have to catch up when we get back and the babies are born.... they will then be the centre of attention as it should be.
Till next time  :)


  1. What a nice picture. Enjoy the babies shower. I guess the one in red has your twins?

  2. my sis says i am slack cos i never post stuff . she forgets I talk with her almost daily cos i miss her and the idea of the little ones is just too amazing to think about. I wil be there in spirit when they are born and my heart will be filled with the best of wishes for them all. I know they are being born into the most amazing couple's life, and wil be loved SO MUCH, so all I can do is be here for now and there when I can. Love you both and we will celebrate all these great things as we reclaim our time!! You will be one awsome family!!