Wednesday 20 April 2011

new scans of 2 of the triblings!

We got a delightful surprise today ..... an early scan result of our tummy mummy who is carring the twins. I wasn't expecting the scan for another 2-3 days so this was a lovely email to recieve. And even better we actually got a 3d(4D) scan of each babies face!  Everything is progressing well apparently and according to the scans we are at 32-4 weeks..... I had thought from previous scans we were at 33.2 today but happy that both are doing well. It seems one is slightly heavier than the other weighing in at just over 2 kilos and the other just under at this point..... and I think I can tell by the scans which is the heavier one.
One definitely has Justin's nose.... so hoping that is a little boy and the other seems to have a more petite nose.... so maybe a girl???
Justin's nose?

So until further news we are just sitting tight and hoping that we get to Delhi before they decide to join us. Most of the paperwork is done and have repacked the bags(2nd so just waiting to depart on 6th May....... not long now :)))

Paula and Justin xx


  1. They are great scan pics. Not long now! Hope it goes fast and quiet for you.

  2. Wow, look at these babies!!! 2 weeks until you head to India...must be such an exciting time for you!!!