Wednesday 6 April 2011

Relaxing slightly

Our twins tummy mummy is now out of hospital and everything is back on track. So here's hoping that the next 4-6 weeks go along quietly and we can fly out on our planned date of 18th May. So close.... hard to believe we are nearly there!!
All the paperwork has been sent off and have started the chore of getting multitudes of photocopies of everything.... figure that it will be just as easy to do it now and save extra room for essential baby items if we don't have to take or buy a copier. Hopefully I will get enough done so that we will have very few left to do once we are in Delhi.
My sister and mother are getting very excited as they have sent off their passports to get visas. They say that they are coming to help with the triblings but I hear wisphers of tours to Taj Mahal and other tourist spots.... me thinks that they are coming for a good time and using us as an excuse! Lol.... no they really know that it won't be a complete holiday and it will be fantastic to have the extra hands when we have 3 crying babies.... I just read that there was a study done in the UK on mothers of triplets who breastfeed and do a small bit of the housework. Guess how many hours they averaged a week in these activities??? They worked out that she would need 198 hours... and yep there is only 168 hours in a week!! So figure that one out....I think we are in for one hell of a ride. (understatement of the year)


  1. Yup...helluva ride guaranteed!
    The fear of the unknown is MUCH scarier than the reality of a full house.
    Best wishes and enjoy these anticipation filled weeks leading up to their arrival!

  2. Paula,
    We'll have to plan on connecting in May when you all are here. And, of course, we'll want to see those precious bundles of joy that you'll have with you! We'll be sending positive thoughts your way for some more quiet weeks in your near future with only happy possibilities beyond! Let me know if you have any Delhi questions!