Thursday 28 April 2011

First photo shoot of our beautiful babies

These were taken early this morning soon after they were born.
Harrison was first and weighs in at 2.15kg at 5.03am and then Anastasia was born at 5.04 am and weighed 2.25kg... they are just so gorgeous!!

I have arrived and got to see them both thru the nursery window.... have to wait till tomorrow to actually hold them! Both are doing really well with just a little extra oxygen around them at preesent... told that will be gone by the morning!

Will post more photos and info as the days pass.
One very tired and happy mummy waiting to hold her babies and get to know them! Wishing that Justin was here but will just have to wait till he can get across.... that wil be the best day!!

Paula :))


  1. simply the best feeling! ...and you get to do it again very soon! Best wishes.

  2. Oh congratulations Guys. Paula, They are just two cute!! Hope Justin gets there fast!. I am sure that solo flight over , must have felt like a lifetime. Cant wait to see more pictures as your family grows.

  3. Huge Congratulations!!! They are just beautiful!!!