Friday 15 April 2011


This last wek has been a bit frantic for us. Both of us are swamped at work and then trying to get all the baby gear and paperwork ready for Delhi has taken it's toll...Justin came down with a chest infection but is slowly recovering. Then we get the news that they want us to be in Delhi first week of May!
First week of May.... that is less than 3 weeks away! I have rebooked our tickets to fly out on 6th May and managed to get the same accomadation starting from then as well which has really surprised me as there seems to be a whole lot of us going over then for pickup.
Also found out today that we are using a different hospital but thankfully it is still reasonably close to our accomadation. The new hospital Spring Meadows looks good and seems to have more room for new parents so that will be pleasant. Hopefully babies wont need to be in there long :)
So in 3 weeks today we will be in Delhi and looking to greet our twin babies and then our little singleton soon after.... so close now....gulp!!!
We will get some more scans on the 22nd April on the babies so until then adeiu... we are just sooo excited. :)))

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