Saturday 28 May 2011

Finally our triplets are together!

Yep it has finally happened... we got Oliver out of hospital and he joins Harrison and Anastasia at our temporary home away from home! What a wonderful feeling to have them all together and not having to split time between the unit and the hospital.

We are very fortunate that the babies seem to be extremely content and we very rarely have any real crying sessions at all. They are spending more awake time and really seem to be focusing on us ... even Oliver who is 22 days younger than the other two.
We are now in the process of trying to get our paperwork thru and sorted as soon as possible... Oliver had his DNA yesterday so hope to have all passports and citezenship papers by end of next week. So that will just leave the exit visa and the FRRO... hopefully that can be done prior to our planned departure date of 10th June.... that will be 6 weeks I have been here!
All the babies seem to have a really happy nature with Harrison been Mr Chillout! So relaxed about food! Anastasia seems to be in a hurry but happy when you pay her attention... after all she is a little princess! And Oliver has yet to let us know but I feel that he is one determine little fellow... and he has the biggest feet I have seen!
Oliver, Anastasia and Harrison

More photos will follow I promise.... I known that i check the blogs to see the little miracles and delight and watching the changes.

Paula, Justin, Harrison, Anastasia and Oliver


  1. gorgeous! Those bundles remind me of our trio not too long ago. Congrats and enjoy all the great stuff x3 coming your way!

  2. They are so cute love the pictures of them all together !!

  3. Wonderful! They are perfect! Congratulations.

  4. Oh, How cute and perfect! Congratulations on you're family.

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