Sunday 1 May 2011

May 1st ....Mummy hassling us!

At last a few more photos!! I was allowed in today and able to touch them and talk to them..... after hearing my singing which Harrison protested to I don't think I will be asked to sing again!
It was so fanatstic just to be close to them and talk to them.... this evening I spent ages in there as Harrison was wide awake and then needed a soothing touch to settle.... loved seeing my little boy fall asleep under my hands ...words are too limiting at times....
Harrison holding mummy's hand
I had spent over two hours in there this morning as well and got video's of both them but will need to work out how to upload.... not technically minded so that will be a job for Justin to do...... Anastasia was wide awake this morning and giving me these amazing stares.... "like who are you and just what do you think you will be doing???.... oh so your mummy!!! well okay " she seemed to .... I can see attitude happening there already whereas harrison seemes more chilled about things.... easy come sort of chap....pretty like his daddy but has a set of lungs when he felt he needed to say something this evening!
Anastasia allowing mummy to hold her hand!

Hopefully it won't be too much longer and will be able to hold them and them try breastfeeding them.... they are tolerating spoon fed so that is a good sign. But just to be near them and to know that they are safely born is so awesome..... we never felt that we would have children together and now we feel so totally blessed...... and when our our little one makes an appearance it will complete our family!( no dear we are not going back to even up the numbers!!!!)

Harrison just chilling holding mummy's finger

Harrison just chilling holding mummy's finger

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  1. They are Beautiful! Any news on when Justin will arrive?