Tuesday 3 May 2011

Harrison and Anastasia have graduated!

Yep that's right... they have graduated to been cuddled and kissed to death by mummy! Poor little mites don't know what hit them! And they are now having 4 breast feeds a day each as well and seem to have got the hang of that pretty easy... though both tend to nod off half way thru. Both still require some further time in the baby unit but hope to be released by at least Friday... oh help..... then Mummy is in for it!!
Below are some photos of our gorgeous guy and delightful girl for all to enjoy. Harrison decided to be up first and then Anastasia followed( which as the 2nd born she will end up doing lots I am sure!)......

As you can see they have both got definite ideas about this person who keeps disturbing them when they want to sleep... and most of the time they aren't too impressed!

Justin hopes to be able to join us within 2 weeks... our situation has changed very rapidly and we are in the process of moving back to Australia due to work situation... luckily Justin has been successful in another position but as a result he had to return to Australia to ensure all was set up for us when we do return as a family... he is so disappointed to be missing this time but we hope he arrives in time for the birth of our 3rd baby who is due later this month. (Then I will get him to do all the running around!!!...lol) My mum arrives next Monday so that will give me an extra pair of hands and a Nanna to spoil the babies... she seems really keen to be here! Senility must be setting in already.

Enough for now ....more photos will be posted as they get taken.... I was in trouble for not getting some up for the 2nd May! Anyone would think i have nothing better to do than take photo shoots.....lol
Cheers for now

Paula, Harrison amd Anastasia in Delhi..... Justin in Australia. ( and little one yet to come!)

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  1. God they are just gorgeous. So glad I found your blog link again, wow, what beautiful little babies and i love their names.

    Meg xxx