Friday 6 May 2011

Together again and now out of hospital!!!

Finally have time to write.... as our two precious babies sleep beside me before there next feed in a  few hours time.
The last three days have been  hectic with a rollercoaster of emotions.. elation and then dismay ranging so closely together is exhausting. I was told all was going well and the infections had almost gone from both Harrison and Anastasia so that meant that they could be released soon...yay! Then after a few hours I was called to speak to th edoctor... he was concerned about the weight gain of Harrison and also abit about Anastasia.... they appeared to be dropping more weight than they should be. As I am attempting breast feeding this was a real blow.... Thinking that he was going to say that they had to go on bottles I was distressed majorily! But no he could see me getting worked up and suggested upping their feeds to 2 hourly to see if there was an improvement and to express and bottle feed them the EBM after each feed. Whew ... tears averted(well sorta) for the moment. S the last two days I have spent most of the day sitting in the waiting room either feeding one of the babies or expressing milk... There has been an up side to this as I have gotten to meet a lot of the wonderful IP's who are on this same journey as they pick up their new born babies. Obviously I must look like I know what I am doing(cause I spent so long there!) as I got asked a few questions by some new IP's ..... I should start charging coffee fees next
Anyway today I arrived knowing that it was dependent upon the weights and also final clearance on bloods taken to see that all infection had cleared up ... and yes positive to both.... one very happy mummy!
Off I dashed to pay the final bill and get the carry bassinets with going home clothes and wraps and at exactly 1200 we broke lose out of the hospital... best feeling ever!
So back to our apartment and then straight into a feed ..... both hungry andthen settled for a nap while mummy sorted herself out. Unfortunately my camera died so have only got the mobile phones to take photos so didn't get any shots of us leaving hospital... but the best bit was to come.
Later in the afternoon Justin's parents were on skype and they got to see Harrison up close and personal... he was really giving them the look! It was wondeful to share this moment and you could hear the joy in their voices as they saw their first grandchild for the 1st time. They also saw Anastasia but as she was asleep we let her be.

Hello there....Back together again for first time since birth!
The next part is even better... Justin and my folks came online as Anastasia was been fed and you should have seen the biggest,goofy grin on her Daddy's face.... Justin is lost! He is totally fallen under her spell already..... heaven help us when he gets here and she works her charm on him in person!
So today ended on a fantastic note... I am feeling slightly drained but feel ready to handle the night.... am going to try it alone this first night and see how it goes... if necessary will get a nurse in after this and probable will for a few times just to give myself a break.... but my mother will be here on Tuesday so between us I am hopeful we will do okay. Then only 12 days till Jusin gets here and things will be perfect!  Also my sister will be joining us just in time for my birthday so we shall be having a great celebration then.

She is smiling  while he is chilled out!
Our other tummymummy had a scan yesterday which unfortunately I didn't get to see and the baby is now at 33.4 weeks. Hopefully will sit tight for another 1-2 weeks even though it is over 2 kilos... it would be better to get some more weight on and develop a bit more. They did report that the cord is looped around the neck but baby is in no distress and this is not uncommon... but might mean another caesarian birth... maybe we can pick the day.... lol .... my birthday!!!
Till next time and hopefully with more photos
Paula, Harrison, Anastasia and Justin as well


  1. They are so cute. I just love that you're trying to feed them, Thats a brave move.

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