Saturday 21 May 2011

Introducing Oliver Keenan Simpson

We are so pleased to introduce our son Oliver Keenan Simpson who was born on 20th May at 8.28am. He weighed in at 2.33 kilos and we hope he is allowed out of hospital to join his big brother and sister in the next few days. Our family is now complete and with
  1. Damien
  2. Gabrielle,
  3. Harrison,
  4. Anastasia, and
  5. Oliver!
they all make us very happy and proud to be parents.

Our Boy Oliver.

Can't wait to get this plastic box off!
Also we have now got everyone over here... my mum arrived on the 10th and Justin came in early morning on the 19th and my sister joined us this morning... so lots of adults to share the work load around... yay! I should be able to sit back and just admire our

More photos will be upcoming now that we have got the blog working again. For some reason it wouldn't allow me to add any new posts for the last 10 days so that is why there have been mno entries... Justin has sorted out the issue and now we will definitely be boring everyone with heaps of baby photos.
Anastasia and Harrison chilling together.
So until the next post cheers from Harrison, Anastasia and Oliver and also Paula and Justin(two very happy parents)


  1. CONGRATS and enjoy all the new memories.

  2. How incredible! What an amazing journey you all have been on. How about dinner on Wednesday?

  3. Congrats!!!! I cant believe you were right with 2boys, 1 girl, so uor Dubai shopping paid off! Ohh they are gorgeous guys!!! I bet you cant quite believe they are here!
    Good luck with the move to OZ, back to your house? Will have to visit from Sydney. We are neck deep in renovations, and still trying to get our embies out of Jordan and to India .......but i have learnt to be patient!
    Enjoy!!! Meg and Don xxx