Wednesday 11 May 2011

Update now Mummy has a working camera again!

Well I know that mostly everyone wants to see photos so there was no real point in blogging after my camera stopped working a few days ago.... so now that Mum has arrived we have taken some shots and will post them up. The days(and nights!) have been filled with feeding, bathing, burping and bedding in which ever order seems to work.... no actually they are very relaxed babies and settled into a basic routine very quickly which is lucky for me. Our only hiccup is that Harrison has been a bit slow about putting on the weight and so had to increase the amount of feeds to 2-3 hourly to see if we can get his weight up by next checkup which is tomorrow. So we have been pushing and monitoring him more though using both expressed milk and formula with some vitamin drops.... hopefully it has paid off and tomorrow he will prove that he is gaining weight and we can really settle into a good routine.

So here are some shots to show how much they have grown in such a short time!
Bath time for Harrison

Relaxing in the tub .. Ananstasia

Mummy feeding us both at the same time!

Now for the

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